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What do you do to ensure my website appears on page one?

What if my website is not suitable to be promoted because it is constructed with Flash or frames or is hosted on a database?

Which Search Engines do you submit us to?

How much does it cost?

What is included in the price?

What is not included?

What is you Guarantee?

What is a "Keyword Phrase"?

How do I instruct you to start work promoting our website?


What do you do to ensure my website appears on page one?

We make your website very attractive to search engines by optimising all the files and images etc, and by making sure your site has all the correct meta-tags, scripts, navigation structure etc, and that they say the right things and that they are in the right places. Your website is submitted by hand to all the major search engines and hundreds of others too. Also just as important is what we don't do as submitting your website too often, or to the wrong category, or by using software to submit your site for example, can actually damage your rankings and may result in your site being banned altogether. Full details of "exactly" what we do and how we do it can be found on our Website Promotion DIY Guide page.


What if my website is not suitable to be promoted because it is constructed with Flash or frames or is hosted on a database?

We can get around any problems by creating a mirror page on your website and promoting that. We may decide that the best courses of action is to create a mirror website. There is no extra charge for this.


Which Search Engines do you submit us to?

Important search engines and directories:

Alta Vista, AOL, Excite, Google, Inktomi, Looksmart, Lycos, Hotbot, MSN, Netscape, ODP, Yahoo.


Other major search engines:

About, Ah-Ha, All the Web, BBC, CNN, Dogpile, Entireweb, E-spotting, Euroseek, Freeserve, Go, Goo, ICQit!, Infoseek, iWon, Mirago, NBCi, NTL, Overture, Splut, Teoma, Terra, UK Directory, Web Crawler, WhatUseek.


Other Search Engines: >> Click here to view list.


How much does it cost?

150 + Vat per month for a minimum of 12 months. About the same cost as ONE quarter page advertisement in ONE Yellow Pages. But with the potential of placing your brochure website onto the equivalent of a FULL PAGE advertisement in EVERY Yellow Pages in EVERY town, county, and country, in the world.


What is included in the price?

Website promotion services to achieve top rankings on the world's most popular search engines. Monthly ranking reports. Monthly re-submission to search engines and fine tuning of web pages and other essential tweaking* of web pages.

*Tweaking is where the web page being promoted is adjusted slightly to give search engines the impression of being updated regularly. 


What is not included?

Updates, changes, maintenance, re-optimising or any other work to the website, pages being promoted, or other, after the initial month of promotion. All updates, changes, re-optimising or any other work will be billed at 60 per hour + Vat. Billed at 30 minute increments, minimum fee 30 minutes. Search Engine registration fees other than those paid at the discretion of the Website Promotion Wizard. Domain renewal fees and website hosting fees for mirror sites after the contract has been terminated. Anything other than is stated in What is included in the price? above.


What is your Guarantee?

We give you a Plain English, No Quibble, Money-back Guarantee. The minimum performance you can expect is SEVEN page one listings or your money back.

It's as simple as that.

*Guarantee does not apply to the free keyword phrase in offers such as "Buy 3, get 1 Free".

"Your website" is defined as either your website plus any mirror website we may create for you.

Website Promotion Guarantee

What is a "Keyword Phrase"?

A Keyword Phrase is very important as it is what your customers put into search engines in order to find businesses like yours. For example, if you are a supplier of photocopiers you may choose the Keyword Phrases "Photocopier Suppliers in the UK"  or "Photocopier Suppliers in London" if you are based in London and don't want to supply photocopiers to companies in Liverpool, Newcastle, or Scotland. You may also choose the Keyword Phrase "Photocopier Sales and Maintenance and Supplies in London" if you wanted to combine several keywords into one. You may hit the jackpot and achieve 5 or more keyword phrases depending on the competition, and the keyword phrase.


More Examples:

An office supplier may choose the keyword phrases:

"Office suppliers in Durham" or "UK Toner Cartridges Suppliers"


An accountant may choose the keyword phrases

"Accountants in Reading", "Tax advice in Berkshire" "Payroll services in Reading"


An expert selling vintage movie posters knows that their potential customers are often overseas so they may just choose the phrases:

"Vintage Movie Posters", "Old Movie Posters", "Old Film and Movie Posters"  or "Old Movie or Film Posters"


Keyword Phrases are what people key into search engines to find businesses like yours. It is our job is to ensure that whatever Keyword Phrase you choose, your site comes up first on search engines.

You may just find that you will be taking business away from your competitors, instead of the other way around.


How do I instruct you to start work promoting our website?

You can order online by following the link below or print it out and fax it.

Order online >> Order Form


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