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You don't have to be a wizard to make sure your website gets on to page one. We will show you how to ensure that your website will rank far higher than websites costing tens of thousands of pounds. That's because when it comes to ranking on search engines, it's not how much your website cost it is how magnetic you can make it. Follow this guide and your telephone and inbox may never be quiet again.


Check your rankings

The best place to start is at the beginning. In order that you can best judge what results you are achieving you should first of all have a base to start. Your website may already rank well in one or more search engines so you will need to check your own rankings. That is unless you have a brand new website which has never been promoted. The easiest way to check your own rankings is to make a list of important search engines and directories.

Important search engines are:

Alta Vista, AOL, Excite, Google, Inktomi, Looksmart, Lycos, Hotbot, MSN, Netscape, ODP, Yahoo.  

Other major search engines:

About, Ah-Ha, All the Web, BBC, CNN, Dogpile, Entireweb, E-spotting, Euroseek, Freeserve, Go, Goo, ICQit!, Infoseek, iWon, Mirago, NBCi, NTL, Overture, Splut, Teoma, Terra, UK Directory, Web Crawler, WhatUseek.


Also remember that there are regional websites to check. for example, is not the same as and will return two different results.


If you do not have the software to check your rankings a good start will be to start a Microsoft Excel Worksheet with the names of the search engines in column A, and the URL in column B.

Click on the URL link to take you to the search engine and run a search to find your own website. If you are not sure if your website is listed enter the entire URL in the search box .


Enter your entire website address.


If your website is not found immediately you can be pretty sure it is not listed on that search engine. If your website is found you can search again using your keyword phrase and go through the first 5 or 10 pages to find the position. If it is not on the first 5 or 10 pages you can be positive it is buried deep down where nobody ever ventures and as a result almost nobody knows you exist. If you were hopping for some new customers or orders from the internet you were rightly disappointed.


Mark the positions on your worksheet and date the column today's date.

If you have any good rankings it is a good idea not to tamper with those search engines as you could do more harm than good. Try and find out why you do so well with some and so badly with others. Often good results are because the keyword phrase is mentioned in the description and/or in the title.


At the end of this exercise you should have worksheet that looks something like this:


URL listed Keyword Phrases  
Search Engine UK toiletries supplies UK bathroom supplies Yes 0 0 Yes 14 28 No 0 0 No 0 0 Yes 3 5 Yes 11 0


No listing at all on Google means the website has to be submitted. It should also be resubmitted to and a result may increase the rankings. has very high results and altering may damage those. Far better to promote another page on your website or create a mirror site specifically aimed at other keyword phrases.


Check your competitors rankings

With a little bit of experience you will be able to tell why your competitor's websites do so well or so badly. Enter the relevant keyword phrase that relate to your business and have a look at the website that come top. Very often the number one spot is taken by a poorly designed or very inexpensive website. Often too, you will notice that the same site appears several times. It's very annoying but what are they doing that is so right?. It's a combination of many things which we will show you on this site. After you have completed all the steps you will be able to go back to those sites and see instantly why they achieve top ranking.


What makes a good site to promote

Very often the simplest websites achieve the top ranking. And very often the most expen-sive achieve the worst rankings. A good site to promote will have a navigation structure of at least 5 pages, the more the better. it will have a lot of text (copy). As well as the correct meta tags, saying the right things, in the right places, it will also have images. those images will have image alt tags.

Website Promotion Image Alt Tag

Image Alt Tag

place your cursor over the image above and another Image Alt tag will appear. What also makes a good site to promote is poor competition. If you only have two competitors and their websites are as bad as those in the next section it will be easy to attain top rankings for most if not all the keyword phrases. Have you ever seen a page returned by search engines that only has one company on it, repeated over and over again?. true, it is very annoying, but they have managed to push their competitors off the page.


What makes a bad site to promote

There are lots of things that you can do that will damage the ranking of a website and make it almost impossible to promote. Probably the most difficult website to promote is one that has already been promoted. especially if it was promoted by an amateur or somebody using a software program that promised top rankings but has only resulted in your website being banned altogether. Some years ago some large corporations hired people to continually re-submit their websites to search engines because it was a fact that some search engines listed the last website to be submitted top. The more websites that were submitted the further down the list they would slip so the only way to ensure top ranking was to re-submit every 30 minutes. If you try to re-submit like that today your site would be banned immediately, and even blacklisted. It is true that some search engines will still let your website slip down the rankings if you do not re-submit, whilst others do not even list your site until it has been re-submitted at least two or three times. It is also true that regular re-submission is an important part of website promotion but the established norm is to re-submit no more than once a month, although some search engines state that re-submission is not necessary.

Websites that have an opening Flash Graphic, site with flash menus, sites that are constructed with frames, or .asp database websites or other database driven or non Spiderable websites are all difficult to promote.


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