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Guaranteed Website Promotion

There are two ways to guarantee that your website will appear on the fiest page on search engines:

1. You can keep paying each individual search engine a fee to appear there or,

2. You can pay a website promotion company once to make sure your website gets onto the major search engines the natural way.


The reason your website has failed to produce results is not because of bad design or lack of a nice flash entry page. The reason your website is not ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines is because it has not been optimized to make it search engine friendly. Either that or it may have suffered from being promoted before by one of the thousands of cheap website promotion company's that do more harm than good. Website Promotion Wizard specialise in promoting websites that have been blacklisted on search engines. We also specialise in so called "difficult to promote" websites. Flash websites, database websites or sites constructed using frames, PHP etc.


It's not just companies like Argos, Tesco, Easyjet, etc, that are reaping the benefits from the internet. There are plenty of small and medium sized companies making fat profits from cyberspace. The one thing they have in common is that their websites all appear on page one on search engines. If you have an online shop or brochure site and want to increase business there is nothing better than to have your website listed on page one. It's like having an advertisement guaranteed to appear in the Yellow Pages of every town, county, and  country in the entire world.

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More and more, people are dumping the Yellow Pages and simply logging on to a search engine and entering the "Keyword Phrase" they are looking for. It could be "Hotels in Brighton" or "Fire Protection Equipment" or maybe "SARS Advice" or even "Family Beach Holiday in South West France".


Website Promotion - AOL Search Engine Results

When you need to send flowers to your sister in Reading because she has just given birth, it is far more likely that you will log on to the internet, enter a keyword phrase like "Florists in Reading" or "Reading Florists" and you can actually see a photograph of the bouquet that will actually be sent. It won't even matter if you are on holiday or even live in Australia.


These days people and companies are booking almost everything online, from office supplies, couriers and mini-cabs to the person that fixes the photocopier.


Whatever kind of business you are in, from refurbished laptops and computers, couriers, or even a niche business or produce a niche product, you cannot afford to ignore the internet because it can specifically benefit you. Guaranteed website promotion is a must.


The importance of guaranteed website promotion and of your website being on page one is paramount because most people (80+%) make their choice from websites they find on page one. If your website is not on the first page then your competitors will be stealing your customers while they are searching for your website.


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